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Underlying Causes of Skin Disorders

The Basics of Skin Problems

Skin problems come from the inside. Even external recurring bites from scabies, chronic poison ivy or external fungal infections show a weak immune system on the inside. Topical treatments provide temporary relief if you are suffering long-term. Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments for skin problems below.

How does it start?

Skin problems start just like any weakened immune system. The factors that cause a weakened immune system are malnourishment, toxins, food sensitivities and a bad diet. We have seen the difference between healthy people and unhealthy people and how bugs relate. Insects, bugs, fungus and parasites prefer people with weak immune systems. They have less of a battle while living on their host live. Get your body strong and healthy on the inside and the strength comes through the skin, too. Psoriasis, eczema, rash, and hives all have a cause on the inside. We have seen the toughest cases of psoriasis go away by eliminating parasites out of the body. Hives can be caused by weak adrenals. Rashes could be from a hyperactive or confused immune system. What is causing your skin problem? We will help you find out.

When should someone see a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner?

Come to us if your doctor gives you continual rounds of steroid cream or other medical topicals. If they continuously don’t work, you need to approach it like we do. Most creams only work temporarily to shut off your immune response. This is a mistake because this is when you need your immune system to be really strong, not suppressed.

It is always best to start with the nutritional, conservative, inexpensive health care that we provide first. When treating skin problems holistically, the symptoms on the skin are always the last symptoms to disappear. Many other symptoms in your body go away first. Don’t be frustrated in the slowness of healing. It takes as long as your body wants it to take.

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