How is Lyme Disease Diagnosed?



How is Lyme Disease Diagnosed?

Standard laboratories administer screening tests that fail to detect 51% of Lyme Disease cases. When a trial vaccine was briefly administered in the 1990’s, these facilities omitted important Lyme-specific bands from the Western Blot test. Despite the fact that the Lyme vaccine is no longer available, these bands (numbered 31 and 34) which detect Borrelia burgdorferi exposure, are still not included in standard commercial Lyme tests.

That’s why Dr. Nicole Schertell and Dr. Johanna Mauss use advanced specialty Lyme & co-infection tests, which they outsource to cutting-edge laboratories across the U.S. and Germany to better detect infections and determine which treatment is right for each patient.

As trained and active members of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society), these renown naturopaths synergize and innovate natural treatments. They’ve diagnosed and treated thousands of cases with this unique naturopathic approach.