Holistic Thyroid Imbalance Treatments

Holistic Thyroid Imbalance Treatments

Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss may combine one or more of the following:


They may prescribe a custom formulation that contains proprietary amounts of:

  • Selenium - to assist with thyroid conversion of T4 to T3
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin A, C and E
  • B-Vitamins
  • Iodine - contraindicated in some cases of auto-immune thyroiditis
  • L-Tyrosine- thyroid hormone is made of iodine + tyrosine
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine
  • Ashwagandha root extract
  • Guggul resin
  • Turmeric root extract
  • Thyroid Glandulars- to strengthen and tonify the thyroid gland


If you have been diagnosed with an auto-immune thyroid condition, and your thyroid gland doesn’t respond to other supplements, Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss may prescribe LDN. A compounding pharmacy will titrate your precise dose for as long as your body needs it.

LDN may actually turn off the cells that cause autoimmunity by:

  • increasing the amount of T-regulatory cytokines
  • modulating growth factor TGF-B, which, when abnormally regulated can fuel cancer cell growth
  • reducing Th-17 - the promoter of autoimmunity

By increasing your endogenous endorphin production, LDN may reduce inflammation, promote DNA synthesis, and help heal your gut. All of these actions appear to result in decreased autoimmunity seen with Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism or Grave’s Disease, and has been observed to improve thyroid numbers quite drastically.

The Autoimmune Diet

In cases of auto-immune thyroid disorders, our doctors may recommend adopting an autoimmune diet. The inflammation and leaky gut that are so common with these disorders may require eliminating or restricting: grains; legumes (beans, soy, peanuts, hummus); dairy products, processed foods, vegetable and canola oils, eggs, nuts and seeds, chocolate and certain spices like coriander and cumin; nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and potatoes; alcoholic beverages; gum, refined sugars and alternative sweeteners; emulsifiers and food thickeners; and NSAID painkillers like ibuprofen (Advil), aspirin (Bufferin), and naproxen sodium (Aleve).

You’ll be coached to replace inflammatory foods with these thyroid-healthy foods:

  • antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables
  • wild caught fish
  • coconut oil
  • probiotic-rich yogurt and kefir
  • kimchi and sauerkraut
  • sprouted seeds and beans
  • bone broth

Naturopathic doctors constantly track potential negative interactions between the treatments listed above, as well as potential contraindications with other medications. Your feedback will be incorporated, and your custom protocol adjusted as needed.

Thyroid Optimization Therapy

Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss will try to optimize your thyroid hormone levels in the least invasive way possible. Natural dessicated thyroid – extracted from the dried thyroid gland of pigs – is a commonly prescribed, clinically validated FDA-regulated treatment.

When necessary, Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss may also prescribe natural levothyroxine – the main thyroid hormone – in the form of: Armour®, Nature-Throid®, Westhroid® or WP Thyroid® or Tirosint® (hypoallergenic liquid).

For serious cases, or in cases of poor thyroid conversion or excessive Reverse T-3 production, Cytomel® T3 may be prescribed in the form of a compounded slow release T3, or as a prescription known as Cytomel®. Compounded sustained-release T3 may also be useful in treating or preventing goiter (enlarged thyroid gland). All medications must be used exactly as prescribed.