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I have been challenged by CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), autoimmune thyroid disease, and a Mast Cell disorder for over 5 years. These issues resulted in systemic, chronic inflammation affecting multiple systems of my body. I suffered from a long list of symptoms. I lost all of my energy and enthusiasm. Most days I was consumed with debilitating “brain fog” which made the most basic life tasks a challenge. I sought help from countless doctors in Texas and the surrounding states, without resolution or even meaningful improvement. The challenges seemed insurmountable, and my emotional state was deteriorating rapidly. That changed when I met Dr. Seth Osgood! Dr. Osgood took my entire medical history into account – the body, my mental state and support structures, and emotional well-being. He has a unique approach to treatment which manifests through his compassion, thoroughness, and enthusiasm for his patients’ well-being. His encouragement and optimism made an immense difference in my outlook. Dr. Osgood uncovered the hidden causes of my condition and explained the mystery of what I now know to be a complex illness. His treatment plan has me well on the path toward healing. This will be the first year in several that I can resume my passion – hiking in the mountains! I am so grateful for his care!
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