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I’ve been a patient of Dr. Seth’s for the past year and my husband has been a patient for the past two years. He is incredibly knowledgeable, researched, compassionate, caring and detailed. He’s a good listener, too. Dr. Seth has helped my husband successfully gain control of his Rheumatoid arthritis without drugs and he is now in remission. I had been to countless doctors over the years trying to find a cause for my ongoing fatigue and muscle pain. Dr. Seth was the only medical professional who took the time to dig deep and tried to find a root cause. He is also the only medical professional that tested me for Lyme disease. Unfortunately, that came back positive. He’s been overseeing my treatment and I am making progress. Words can’t express how much we appreciate Dr. Seth and the work he’s doing. He has positively impacted our lives and we are grateful for him.

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