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2455 Dean St, Unit A, Saint Charles, Illinois, 60175

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Over 40 years of professional experience since graduating from Northwestern University School of Medicine has only increased Dr. LaCava’s passion for partnering with people to achieve their ideal health. He views his work as a calling and the priority of his practice as caring.

Dr. LaCava started his career practicing traditional medicine, but found traditional approaches alone repeatedly fell short of helping patients achieve optimum health. Tired of managing chronic symptoms with therapies that barely addressed the root cause of illnesses, he began introducing alternative therapies and experiencing success.

Convinced of the value of alternative treatments, he founded The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine well over 10 years ago.


University of Massachusetts, BS Northwestern University Medical School, M.D.

Jefferson University Center for Educational Diplomacy in Homeopathy

Georgetown University, Intern


Advanced Cardiac Life support

Advanced Trauma Life support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Board certified OB/GYN

Board eligible in Environmental Medicine

Licensed Homeopath


International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians – Founding Member

Northwestern Medical School Advisory Board

Member (2011-2013), Integrative Medicine Department

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine


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After years of watching my wife be sick Dr.LaCava gave me my wife back. She had always had chronic health issues, but they went down hill when we moved into our new apartment. Her health declined and no other doctor or specialist could give us any answers! We found Dr.LaCava after finding out we had mold in our new apartment. We found him through the environmental medicine website. Dr.LaCava also found out though multiple tests that my wife also was suffering my Lyme disease. After doing their treatments and protocols my wife was back to her old self. It was worth every penny. The staff was kind and knowledgable and are like family to us now.

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I came to the LaCava Center knowing that I had been living in a moldy building that made me very sick. I came in was tested for that and some other things. I received my test results that showed I had high levels of mycotoxins and I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I was able to receive treatment and got my life back. I used to live in pain and couldn't work after grad school. I am back to working full time and enjoying life. Dr. LaCava and his staff are so warm and caring. They opened their arms to me and really make your feel like family. They wanted me to start treatment immediately but I was going on vacation with my family. Suzanne his wife, a retired ER nurse and the office manager came in on their day off and opened the office just to give me treatment. If you are struggling to figure out any health issues or know someone with lyme that needs help this is your place.

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Dr. Lacava & his excellent nurse Nicole have been very instrumental in helping me as well as other members of my family survive our Lyme. Chronic Lyme is a horrible illness and Dr. Lacava is excellent at treating Lyme & related serious conditions. I was referred by a friend and feel very fortunate to have found this unique practice. It would be nice if insurance covered more of the cost but I must say his care was worth every cent

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To put it simply, Dr. LaCava saved my life. I was exhausted and a mere shadow of myself in spite of an organic diet, proper rest, stress reduction, and a multitude of other health bolstering actions, and I didn't know why. He acutely diagnosed me with Lyme and black mold toxicity and the test results validated his clinical diagnosis. I was relieved to have this new found knowledge and worked diligently to follow the therapeutic protocols that would rid me of the Lyme and mold. I can say that I'm nearing my 100% recovery mark and am gleeful about maintaining my health. Many thanks :)

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Dr. LaCava and his team gave me my life back. I'm so grateful to have found someone who wouldn't give up until they got to the root of my problems.
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