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Dr. Melanie Stein is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Portland, Oregon who is well versed in both Lyme disease and the treatment of complex and chronic illness. She believes that the path to healing involves a multifaceted approach that includes identifying the root cause of illness and healing the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body. Dr. Stein develops individualized treatment plans with careful consideration of patients’ unique symptoms. She recognizes that in order to successfully treat complex illnesses, factors such as co-infections, mold toxicity and inflammatory responses must first be targeted. Dr. Stein supports whole body detoxification, promotes healthy organ function and minimizes die-off reaction, thus enabling the body’s innate healing process.

Dr. Stein views her role as a guide along her patients’ journey toward optimal health. She feels that obtaining a detailed history and physical exam while preforming laboratory analysis should be an active and ongoing process that helps guide effect treatment plans. She values cooperation over compromise and is motivated to support the journey to wellness through treatments designed with sensitivity to her patients’ financial and physical means.

Dr. Stein believes that the practice of medicine is a lifelong commitment to learning and redefining one’s understanding of illness. She devotes time throughout the year to attend conferences on primary care and chronic illnesses. Dr. Stein sought and received training and mentorship from leaders in the field of chronic disease. During her four-years with Lyme literate physician and specialist,  Dr. Stein attended several conferences with the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and presented at Lyme disease seminars. Dr. Stein has also completed Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) Training with Dr. Lyftogt and studied chronic infection with Dr. Klinghardt.

Dr. Stein strives to help end the stigma and confusion associated with misunderstood and misdiagnosed illnesses. Her personal battle overcoming chronic illness has given her a unique ability to empathize with and care for patients living with chronic disease. In Dr. Stein’s own words, “I know how damaging it can be to the psyche and the healing process to have your symptoms be minimized or dismissed. As your physician I will be devoted to keeping you at the center of your care and making sure that your voice is heard.”

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After walking the path alone for so long, trying to find a Lyme Literate doctor. My search and discernment process led me to Dr. Melanie Stein and Restorative Health Clinic. I am so happy to be a patient of Naturopath Dr. Melanie Stein. Dr. Stein listens with grace and so much knowledge. At Restorative Health Clinic, I have found mind, body, spirit support. Dr. Stein and the clinic created a supportive protocol for my long distance travel. I am leaving with so much hope in my heart as I head home. Worth the travel!

I am no longer walking alone and feeling grateful to Dr. Stein and the wonderful staff at Restorative Health Clinic.

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I am a current patient of Dr. Stein's and I have to say that she is hands down, the most thorough provider I have ever worked with. I have a complex clinical picture and have had difficulty finding providers who are willing to put energy into figuring out my case. Dr. Stein goes way above and beyond. She is extremely empathetic and deeply cares for her patients. Dr. Stein has literally saved my life and I now have hope of not just living/surviving but living WELL. I cannot say enough good things about her. If you have a complex case, SEE HER!!!

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I am so, incredibly happy to have found Dr. Stein and become established as her patient at The Restorative Health Clinic near Portland. After a decade of having a complex illness and seeing a million doctors who didn't seem to care nor understand what was wrong with me, I finally found her.
She has a great deal of empathy for her patients having been through something similar herself, and understands the complexity and severity of my disease entirely. I'm so lucky to have her leading my support team, and know she will make sure to be by my side and put in her best effort for the entirety of my healing process, no matter how long and complicated it is.

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