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Unexplainable aches and pains, daily hormonal issues, constant fatigue, and a general feeling of being “not quite right” can cause you to wonder what is going on. Is it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Fibromyalgia? Lupus? Arthritis? Parkinson’s? Irritable Bowel? MS? Perhaps it’s really something that can look like anything, yet is a completely different diagnosis: Lyme Disease.

Dr. Mitchell first realized his strong passion for helping people through the wellness field while working at a drugstore in high school. That experience inspired him to earn his graduate degree in pharmacy and help people for more than 24 years. While practicing as a compounding pharmacist and consultant pharmacist, Dr. Mitchell learned that many of the drugs dispensed for treatment were ultimately harming patients by suppressing their symptoms while allowing the underlying cause of illness to remain untreated. With this epiphany, Dr. Mitchell decided to pursue medical school and provide patients with the best of both naturopathic and conventional medicine. He completed his medical degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Mitchell’s first experience in using natural, restorative healing came before he even entered medical school, when he helped both his wife Ann and a family member with debilitating illnesses. His wife suffered with a painful back injury for years, and was told by the “best doctors” that only drugs and surgery would help. At 20 months old, the family member was diagnosed with autism and was told that there was nothing doctors could do to reverse the disorder. His love for these members of his family kept him from accepting these answers and urged him forward to find alternatives, which included DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) training education.

While in school to earn his NMD, Dr. Mitchell trained under leaders in environmental medicine and autism, including Walter Crinnion, ND, Jessica Tran, ND, William Rea, MD, and Elizabeth Mumper, MD. Through that work, Dr. Mitchell developed his own treatment protocols and was able to further reverse the autism disorder and allow his family member to recover, develop, and thrive as a neuro-typical child at home and in the public classroom. Dr. Mitchell’s wife Ann recovered and was able to return to work following orthomolecular nutrient therapy and lifestyle changes.

Armed with those experiences, his time as a pharmacist, and with a medical degree in hand, Dr. Mitchell opened Lifestream Wellness to focus on endocrine (hormone), immune, and neurological concerns — the prime areas involved with environmental toxicity and commonly found in chronic disease states. The practice of environmental medicine is often the key to treating the underlying cause of chronic disease, even in diverse conditions such as celiac disease and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Mitchell also specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), chronic inflammatory disease, chronic infectious disease, and autoimmune disorders. In his office, he has a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and he has even designed a unique cardiovascular plaque removal protocol that reduces deposits by alternating treatments that remove the cholesterol then chelates out the calcifications and heavy metals.

Dr. Mitchell is a compassionate listener who designs customized treatment plans that work with lifestyles and budgets using all the therapeutic tools within the blend of naturopathic and conventional medicine. He empowers and educates his patients, allowing them to fully understand their health and the healing process. Dr. Mitchell is a dedicated advocate and trusted advisor for patients in their journey to tackle their initial health concerns, the restoration process, and their quest for maintaining a life of health and wellness.

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Dr. Mitchell is by far the best Lyme doctor I have seen in Arizona. And I have unfortunately been to a lot. He takes time with you and provides mostly natural options which I appreciate after having to be on antibiotics for years. He addresses the patient and not just the infection. His staff are kind and helpful. Yes it is expensive but considering I am there for 1-2 hours at a time, I don’t think paying $200-$500 for that much of a doctor’s time is unfair. I have been charged much more and presented a $10,000 “plan” at another office. My previous infectious disease doctor charged me $900 for a 5 minute appointment and then I had to pay $3000 out of pocket for my IV’s (after insurance). Basically being super sick with something like Lyme Disease is expensive and takes a lot of time and energy. But if you need the treatment then you are in good hands here. I have sent dozens of other people with Lyme and the do get better. It takes a while and the treatment is a lot of work. Most importantly he will take your symptoms seriously and not just poo poo them like so many other ignorant doctors did! If you want the best care, this is it.

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I started seeing Dr. Mitchell in December, 2011. At the time I was suffering from Fibromyalgia, stomach issues from H. Pylori, and generalized fatigue, muscle pain, brain fog, and several other symptoms. I was tired of all the prescription drugs that were given to me, that actually made me feel worse, and unable to function.

Before seeing Dr. Mitchell, I was shuffled off to numerous specialists by my family doctor. They agreed with the diagnoses that were given, and each gave me another “pill” to fix it. After antidepressants, anti-fungals, antibiotics, muscle relaxers, pain medications that made me sick, and several I am sure I forgot, I had finally had enough! I knew that somewhere was a doctor who could treat me without all the drugs

This is when I found Dr. Mitchell! I have never had such a thorough exam, and even though the paper work was a bit intimidating, he was so worth it. After the exam, he took me in to his office, where he explained, in detail, what was wrong, and how he was going to fix it, with my help. I was skeptical at first, but after a few weeks, I was feeling so much better! I continue to see Dr. Mitchell, and continue on the regime he has prescribed for me. I am a new person thanks to him!

Bless you Dr. Mitchell, you really did save my life and my sanity.

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Dr. Mitchell has been a gift to our family. His ability to listen and trace symptoms to the root cause is rare. The staff are kind and helpful. Dr. Mitchell is such a rare doctor…if you are looking for a doctor who will dig until he gets tot he root cause of symptoms, then he is the right one. He is a genius-level practitioner who is both kind and compassionate.
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I have been a patient of Dr Mitchell for a little over a year now. I had been searching for a good doctor that either would be a naturopath or have a holistic approach to medicine. When I first met Dr Mitchell, I was impressed by his kindness, medical knowledge, scientific approach and attention to details. The fact that he previously was a Pharmacist was a bonus since it gives him an excellent understanding of medications and how they perform in the body.

Unfortunately, I was facing a complex series of illnesses. Dr Mitchell recommended a treatment plan based on my numerous symptoms. I was happy to see quick results on some of my symptoms. It gave me confidence I was in good hands. As Dr Mitchell and I worked on some of the more severe symptoms, I was really impressed by his dedication to me as a patient. He considered most likely causes, researched infrequent illnesses and recommended more testing only when necessary. Throughout the process he has been a very good listener, considering my treatment preferences and made me feel like cared for as a patient.

When I tell my story, my friends are impressed by his dedication to my complex situation and willingness to find the root cause of the illness instead of simply treating the symptoms. Some have already asked for his contact information. I believe he is the best of traditional and holistic medicine combined.

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Dr. Mitchell saved my life. I have Lyme and I was not able to do anything. I’m slowly getting my life back and I am very thankful for Dr. Mitchell and his wonderful staff. They are very supportive and take Lyme disease seriously.

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For the past two years, I had noticed a significant decrease in my strength, endurance, mental status, memory, and sexual interest. I also noticed some tremors in my hands and a general, overall decline in my wellbeing. I went to several doctors, all of which prescribed various types of medications, but none of which really seemed to make a difference in the long term. One of my doctors suggested that I contact Dr. Mitchell to see if he had any ideas to help. My first visit with Dr. Mitchell was amazing. He took the time to talk to me, interact, and learn about my past and family history. He genuinely seemed interested in me as a person versus me as a pay check. Dr. Mitchell was able to determine the root of my issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. He was able to diagnosis my heavy metal toxemia and provide treatments to flush the toxins from my system. After 12 weeks, I was back to feeling good. I had my strength, endurance, and sexual interest again. My memory was back and my mental status was clear – no more brain fog. Even the hand tremors have declined. My wife and I greatly appreciate all of Dr. Mitchell’s help and his staff has been amazing through this whole process.

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