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Aviva D. Wertkin, N.D. earned her doctorate degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2007 and completed a two year residency through National College of Natural Medicine. Prior to medical school, Dr. Wertkin performed clinical research at both the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).

Dr.Wertkin practiced as a Natural Family Medicine specialist in CT under the mentorship of Dr. James Sensenig until 2014 when she opened her own Naturopathic Primary Care practice, Naturae Medical, in Brattleboro, VT. Her passion is assisting people in restoring their health using scientific evaluations, classical naturopathic therapies and addressing the emotional and spiritual components of illness. Dr. Wertkin was voted the Best Physician in Brattleboro for 3 years in a row until she decided to close that practice and relocate to Portland Maine. She has recently re-opened Naturae Medical and is practicing as a Natural Medicine Specialist.

In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Wertkin is one of the founders, senior vitalists and a board member of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute. She is a frequent speaker at various conferences and continues to be a guest at WVEW 107.7 FM Brattleboro community radio. She has also appeared on several episodes of Healing Outside the Box, a Public Television series.


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Dr. Aviva is so intuitive, smart, kind and caring, gentle. I started 10 months ago and I've lost 44lbs because of her testing she does that uncovered food sensitivities, etc. Out of all the MANY Dr's I have been to Dr. Aviva really helps the body to peel back the layers to get at the root problem. I just know in my heart this time I will FINALLY! find healing. I travel an hour and it is soooo! worth it. I am so truly grateful to you both!

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Dr. Wertkin is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her treatment. I have never felt so healthy and happy! Thank you Dr. Wertkin!!
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Dr. Wertkin is a wonderful, kind, and compassionate doctor who listens to her patient to help find out the true cause of illness. She is wonderful!
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Outstanding holistic health care! Everything I ever hoped for healing with natural medicine, that is brilliantly effective. I highly recommend this Naturopathic doctor and her staff of healers.
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