Thyroid Diagnostics

First, Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss will become familiar with your symptoms, general health, genetic predispositions, medical history, lifestyle and stress levels – all which may be contributing to your symptoms. Then, they may order these diagnostic tests:

TSH Test

Traditional doctors test levels of your TSH (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone) which tells your thyroid gland to produce and release hormones into your bloodstream. But what range is “normal”? Some doctors wait until your TSH is at level 10 to diagnose you with hypothyroidism – despite all the low thyroid symptoms you’re suffering!

Not Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss. They will also test your:

  • free T3: the active form of thyroid circulating in your bloodstream
  • free T4: the inactive form of thyroid in your bloodstream
  • reverse T3: the inactive form of T3 which can be elevated in patients with poor T4 to T3 conversion

This can explain a lot. You could have extremely low levels of T4 and T3, as well as thyroid-damaging antibodies, yet still have a TSH level that many endocrinologists consider “normal”. At Vibrant Health, we continue to search for the root cause– no matter how many tests it requires.

To help you lose weight Dr. Schertell and Dr. Mauss may also test and rebalance your:

They’ll determine whether you have leaky gut syndrome, gluten or dairy sensitivities, or deficiencies of: B vitamins, vitamin D3, folate, ferritin, magnesium, zinc, iodine, essential fatty acids (Omega 3), amino acids, and other essential nutrients iron.

They’ll also screen for reactivated viruses like Epstein-Barr virus and human herpes virus (HHV6), then test your blood for these increased antibodies:

  • anti TPO: detects anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies mistakenly attacking your thyroid enzymes and thyroid tissue
  • anti TGAb: this antibody targets thyroglobulin, the storage form of your thyroid hormones

If a viral infection is detected, they’ll prescribe an anti-viral protocol that may include custom anti-viral herbal formulations, Lose Dose Immunotherapy, homeopathy, natural anti-viral IVs, or botanical protocols like Byron White Formulas – herbal compounds that support immune response, detoxification and homeostasis. For more serious viral presentations, our doctors have the ability to prescribe anti-virals such as Valtrex, though most patients respond extremely well to our naturopathic approach.

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