Chronic Illness? I am here to help!



I am available for advising consults anywhere by phone. I can be a second opinion for you or guide you to the best therapies you might need. I can recommend nutritional support to treat the many side issues in Chronic Lyme like detoxification, rebuilding the Immune system, healing the Gut, decreasing Inflammation, and balancing hormones. These are the key to becoming well and to recovery.

Once you have had chronic Lyme for over 2 years the detox pathways become inefficient or simply do not work anymore. Restoring them is a key to health. For example: using proteolytic enzymes to break up fibrin and biofilm, using supplements to heal the intestinal lining, decreasing inflammation without using pharmaceuticals which have dangerous side effects, balancing hormones, and reclaiming your immune system to work for you rather than the bugs. These steps are essential before you treat to lower bug populations so that your body is able to rally to help the process. If your liver, lymph, and kidneys do not drain efficiently, then you will feel sicker when you treat. If your body belongs to you again, the treatment will be easier and will require less time. Bugs put out neurotoxin when they die and this can make you feel terrible. It is essential that the toxins are able to leave the body via the stool and urine rather than recirculate when pathways are blocked.

More and more I work without drugs or pharmaceuticals as their side effects can make a problem worse. There are exceptions to this though. If you have an acute tick bite then antibiotics are recommended. If you have had lyme for less than 1-2 years, and depending on symptoms, antibiotics are a good choice. Some drugs like cholestyramine, antifungals, and antiparasite meds are important when used at the best time given each persons symptoms. Each person has unique needs and that is where my expertise can be of most help to you. Consider speaking with me. I can help!

I am licensed in Washington as well! Where I can both see patients and prescribe medication. Contact me!