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Tao Vitality

Tao Vitality is an integrative medical and wellness center in Hebron, CT At TAO, our goal is to utilize the best of natural medicine to restore vitality, promote longevity, and induce a state of optimal health in each of our patients — not only extending the length of one’s life but maximizing the quality of one’s life. Each patient is a unique entity. Treatment focuses on the individual as a whole not on the symptoms or disease itself. The underlying cause of the disease is identified and removed, thereby alleviating the symptoms. Great emphasis is placed on preventative medicine. By creating a balanced, healthy internal and external environment, the body innately thrives, the body’s systems function synergistically, and optimal health is attained.
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Dr. Myriah Hinchey, ND


27 Main St, Hebron, Connecticut, 06248

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