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Restorative Health Clinic

You’ve tried everything. You’ve seen doctor after doctor and you aren’t making progress. Or maybe you aren’t sure what you have, or if your diagnosis is correct. We can help pin-point your illness and get you started with a plan that will help you start feeling better. Our philosophy is very straightforward, and centers on the concept that chronic disease, in the absence of advanced tissue destruction, responds reliably to the joining of two approaches: Provide and nourish your body with focused patterns of nutrients and medicines so that it may optimally respond and recover. Remove offending substances such as infections, pollutants/toxins like lead and mercury, interference fields patterns that block the body’s natural dynamic response, thus encouraging your system to function efficiently for proper energy production and healing to occur. To achieve and then maintain these therapeutic changes, you need a reliable team to stand by you. We do just that, supporting you through the necessary phases of treatment and recovery so you can have a better life.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3

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