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ARETE Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

GENTLE At ARETE Chiropractic in Portsmouth, NH we use the Blair Chiropractic Technique to adjust the upper cervical spine. Measurements from a 3-D image of where the skull meets the neck allow to know precisely how your body needs to be adjusted. This specificity makes your adjustment very effective at restoring posture and relieving pain with the least amount of force. Our patients are amazed at how such minimal input can create such global change. MEASURABLE Through care our patients are pleased to see and feel their body change. Each visit your body balance is tested and on re-evauluations ranges of motion, posture and muscle tone are re-tested to quantify your progress. EFFECTIVE The majority of patients that come to see us report headaches, neck pain, head/ neck trauma and postural problems, but we can assess all other spinal related problems. Most of our patients report improvement in their symptoms at the end of the initial period of care (approx 10-12 visits). This allows you to spend more time feeling better and less time in the office! LASTING If permanent injury has been done to a tissue it will require maintenance but once we are able to stabilize your spine you will need less and less adjusting. The goal of upper cervical chiropractic care is to get the patient to hold their spinal alignment. After the initial period of care our goal is to see people as few times as possible to ensure that their body and spine are in the right place to continue the process of healing. The longer a person can hold their adjustment the more their body heals.
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