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Alise Greenfield, NP

Alise Greenfield is a Board-certified family nurse practitioner and alumni of the University of New Hampshire. A New Hampshire native, she brings experience and passion for patient-centered health. Her professional experience is foundational to her focus on whole-person health and patient empowerment in their health care journey. Alise has witnessed the power of knowledge and education combined with highly-trained medical support to give each person the opportunity to maximize their health and focus on quality of life.

A life-time of personal and professional experiences has strengthened Alise’s ability to provide guidance on nutritional and lifestyle interventions that successfully lead people to optimal wellness. Early in life, she saw the power of healing complimentary therapies can provide by watching her osteopathic father practice. She has personally experienced the healing power of the body when it is properly fueled and given the fundamental building blocks it needs to support the immune system. Having successfully mitigated the effects of Lyme disease and adrenal fatigue through nutrition, lifestyle and alternative therapies means patients are offered multiple modalities with an emphasis on nutritional support.

Alise has over five years’ experience in acute care telemetry, giving her knowledge of conventional medicine that she can combine, if needed, with alternative and holistic therapies. Based on this experience, she is pursuing certification in Functional Medicine. As a result of her recent experience as a palliative care and hospice nurse practitioner, Alise emphasizes the importance of quality of life decisions and the individual needs of each person. Her practice incorporates family conversations and supports, at each person’s discretion, to achieve the best outcomes for her patients.

Alise lives on the seacoast with her husband and fur baby, Miley. In her spare time, she enjoys being active both in the gym and outdoors. She is an avid reader and enjoys expressing her creativity through art.


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