In my first year of college, I was afflicted with an unknown illness. It presented itself as a wide array of symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, chronic headaches, digestive issues, and more. My illness sent me to all of Boston’s best hospitals, staffed by all the best doctors. Over the next five years, I saw over sixty physicians and had hundreds of vials of blood drawn. I had x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, and CT scans. Typically, my results indicated that I was "normal." I was advised—many times—to see a psychiatrist. Sometimes a doctor would venture a diagnosis, but the diagnoses varied from doctor to doctor, and none of the prescribed treatments alleviated my symptoms, much less cured their underlying cause. My health continued to deteriorate.

During this medical merry-go-round, I was majoring in biology at Northeastern University in Boston. I was on a pre-med track, planning to go to medical school. Surrounded by health professionals of all backgrounds, I had the privilege of being able to consult some of the smartest people I knew in the hope that they could assist me in discovering what was making me sick. But I received no answers, and at last I realized I was on my own.

With all my medical experiences and internships, my knowledge was grounded in “conventional” medicine. I believed being a traditional medical doctor was the best and only way to go. But my declining health made me question what I was learning. I was not getting answers—so I started doing my own research. I began printing articles from medical journals pertaining to symptoms I was experiencing and sharing this information with physicians. Based on my findings, I requested specific lab tests from my doctors. Most of the doctors I dealt with refused to order the tests. I began asking myself more questions: some doctors insisted that my condition was genetic, so why wasn’t I being tested for the relevant gene? Why was I being tested for specific diseases rather than for whatever was causing my symptoms? And why was I hoping for a medical “breakthrough” when the physicians couldn’t even figure out what was causing my acid reflux?


I was hesitant to try “alternative” medicine, but I was not willing to wait around and feel miserable for the rest of my life. I had absolutely nothing to lose. I found an alternative practitioner, and while I went in expecting nothing, I was pleasantly surprised. At my first appointment, everything was thoroughly explained to me, and I was given more tests—tests I never knew existed. The doctor was determined to find the underlying cause of my illness AND NOT just treat the symptoms with long term medications.

During my second appointment, the doctor sat me down and went over my results. I assumed they would be "normal." But I tested positive for Lyme disease, chronic strep, ehrlichiosis (tick-borne infection), multiple food allergies, and abnormal hormone levels for my age. This was more information than I had received from any of the physicians I had seen prior to this—it was more than I had received from all of them put together. After several months of the right treatments and guidance, I saw significant positive changes in my health. Today I am entirely healthy.

Why did it take me more than five years to finally question why no one was looking for what was causing my symptoms and why was I being given only “diagnoses” plus symptom-management using medications that I knew could never result in a “cure?” Conventional medicine was all I knew, and it was all everyone else around me knew.

Why I Started LymeDocs:

After I found the help I needed, I met many individuals who experienced the same frustrating things I went through. They, too, had seen great improvement in their overall health from Lyme Disease and just about every other type of chronic disease when the underlying causes of the illnesses were addressed. Hearing so many success stories like mine is not a “lucky” occurrence. Listening to patients who were diagnosed with numerous chronic diseases for years and even decades and seeing many of them completely recovered really opened my eyes.

The ONLY way to evaluate "Quality of Care" is the effect on the patients’ health. LymeDocs was created because of patients and results. LymeDocs’ health practitioners are here because of patient success. The health practitioners specifically look for and treat the underlying causes of chronic disease, and they understand the intricacies of chronic Lyme Disease and its co-infections. LymeDocs was created for patients who want to help themselves find the help they deserve to turn their health around.

Knowing the odds were clearly stacked against me, “hope” and waiting for some medical “breakthrough” was not an option. I had to learn everything myself and speak to everyone I possibly could, including multiple doctors. LymeDocs was created to maximize the probability of success by increasing the knowledge and resources to those unaware of what is out there and speed up the learning process of good health…which is all based off, hundreds if not thousands of hours of research, my medical knowledge, experiences and with the help of health professionals, researchers, and hundreds of other patients.


There is absolutely no way anyone should ever have to go through anything even close to what I had gone through.

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Actual Symptoms, Diagnoses, Specialists, “Reasoning” and Treatments

My actual symptoms:

  • extreme fatigue
  • brain “fog”
  • chronic daily headaches
  • frequently sick with bronchitis/upper respiratory symptoms (often lasting 2-3 months)
  • muscle aches
  • various digestive issues
  • short term memory loss/forgetfulness
  • difficulty concentrating
  • “swollen” thyroid with all lab tests in “normal” range
  • acid reflux
  • tingling sensations
  • night sweats
  • lightheaded/dizziness when standing
  • post exertional malaise- exercise or strenuous tasks would feel like a massive hangover for 2-3 days. Going over bumps during a car ride, boat or jet ski would also trigger these symptoms
  • food intolerances (which resulted in extreme fatigue, cognitive/neurological symptoms) to numerous chemicals, and every single type of food I ate except certain fruits/vegetables

Specialists I saw:

  • 3 rheumatologists
  • 3 sleep specialists
  • 2 cardiologists
  • 4 endocrinologists
  • 6 gastroenterologists
  • 10 psychiatrists
  • 4 neurologists
  • 3 infectious disease specialists
  • 2 immunologists
  • 2 ear, nose and throat specialists (ENT’s)
  • 2 chiropractors
  • 2 clinical psychologists
  • And atleast 1 primary care physician for every specialist I saw

“Diagnoses” I received:

  • “neurotic” depression
  • anxiety
  • ADHD
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • orthostatic intolerance
  • narcolepsy
  • fibromyalgia
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • chronic migraines

Things I was told (more than once):

  • All my test results were “normal”
  • It was all in my head and I should seek psychological help
  • I am a hypochondriac
  • It is just "stress"
  • I had a “genetic condition” which was not curable
  • What I had was something I had to live with
  • I need to exercise more
  • ***There was nothing else that could be done to help me***

I was prescribed/told to take:

    • anti depressants (3 different selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors-SSRIs, 2 different selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor-SNRIs)
    • migraine medication
    • 6 different types of stimulants
    • 2 types of sleeping pills
    • antacids/3 different proton pump inhibitors
    • every type of OTC pain reliever
    • 3 types of laxatives
    • anti-diarheal medication
    • 4 types of allergy medication
    • Note: I never once told a doctor I was depressed and stated I was not depressed or anxious when asked. I was even told I have depression anyways and was prescribed antidepressants because “fatigue is a symptom of depression…”

***None of these medications address the underlying cause(s) of anything***