A Powerful Step Towards Healing



I continue reading comments from numerous people with Lyme, expressing their rage and hopelessness about their illness and the marginalization by the current system that denies Lyme exists.

Being caught in the place of anger and fear is a stuck place. A large part of recovering from Lyme is understanding that this illness requires your complete attention in every aspect of your being. Energetically, to remain in rage and despair can stall recovery. It does not matter how many antibiotics, herbals or other medicines you take, in my professional experience, rage will slow your healing.

Lyme is an excellent microcosm, a perfect example, of the world today. We are all being asked to expand our awareness, to become more conscious of our surroundings and how we interact in each moment, to help ourselves and each other grow and heal, whether we have Lyme or not. With Lyme I feel this is a necessity.

Denial will keep you from healing and recovering. Begin by asking yourself what trauma(s) have you suffered in your life? What can you do to forgive and move past the trauma? Recently, I was speaking with one of the MD's I work with. We were talking about treating newly activated Lyme and he suggested adding a second or third antibiotic if there was trauma as part of the history of the patient.

What can you surrender that no longer serves you? What habits prevent a return to health? We all have our favorite foods. I’m not suggesting total abstinence of comfort food and drinks, although I do ask that you consider moderation more than indulgence. Are you addicted to sugar? Lyme feeds on sugar and yeast. Does  gluten make you feel bloated or gassy after eating it? Dairy? Soy? All of these foods are inflammatory. Do you smoke cigarettes? What is holding you back that you have the power to change?

I have seen people quickly move to recovery once they completely integrate healing in all aspects of their mind, body and spirit. No one asks to get Lyme. It is a terrible illness that undermines your life and those of your loved ones. I live this every day with my daughter, so this is not only a professional take on healing but a personal one as well.

I recommend you gently and kindly look in the mirror and see what it is you need to resolve so that you can move forward into recovery. It is a powerful step toward your own healing for both Lyme and in life.