Why LymeDocs?

  • Look for and treat the underlying causes of chronic diseases

  • Do not cover up symptoms and abnormal blood tests with long term medications

Not getting any better?

“All in your head”

“Tests come back normal”

“There’s nothing wrong with you”

“It’s from old age”

“There’s nothing else we can do”

“It’s just genetics”

Tired of only masking the symptoms and abnormal blood tests with countless prescriptions?

Sound Familiar?
Find the right doctor for YOU

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Andrew Chevalier, ND
Health Issues Addressed:
  • Arthritis
  • Migraines/Chronic Headaches
"The best. As in the best. Dr. Andrew Chevalier is simply the best doctor I have ever worked with. He listens, he is profoundly knowledgeable, and very caring. He has helped me enormously with arthritis and migraine pain issues. Can’t recommend him highly enough."
Dr. Mychal Beebe DC, DCCJP
Health Issues Addressed: Chronic Pain
Treatments Performed: Blair Chiropractic Technique
"I’ve been receiving treatment at Health First for about a month, and already my lower back and neck feel SO much better. Dr. Beebe is awesome, and the entire team is very friendly and accommodating. If you are up in the air about going in for a visit, do yourself a favor and make and appointment now."


Blair Chiropractic Technique
In the chiropractic profession, only 1.7 percent of practitioners utilize upper cervical chiropractic techniques according to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Since this represents such a minority, it is easily understood that few are familiar with upper cervical technique (UCT). All UCT adhere to a seventy-plus-year...
What is a "Lyme Literate" Doctor?
When it comes to Lyme Disease having the RIGHT doctor is what really matters most. Lyme literate is by far not the same as an infectious disease "specialist." Lyme literate health practitioners are well versed in the complicated testing, treatments, and symptoms of Lyme disease. They understand that Lyme...